May 1, 2018 - 11:15 am


You have heard a lot about podcasts, but is this something that you should be paying attention to in your speaking career? Regardless of if you want to launch your own show or be a guest on other podcasts (or both), this is a meeting you do not want to miss.

44% of the US population has listened to podcasts and 26% of the population are listening monthly. But a podcast is more than an on-demand radio show, it can be another way to grow your standing as an expert in your field. Years ago having a book was the key to speaking, but Thom finds more people are interested in learning more about his podcast than buying his book.

What? a free podcast is better than selling a book? Maybe / maybe not. But if reaching more people is something that could help you grow your career, now you have to sell a lot of books to get the same reach as appearing on a podcast.

However, like books (or speeches), not all podcasts are created equal, and being a host or a guest will not necessarily grow you brand. This interactive session will be more Q&A than lecture, so come prepared to ask specific questions about how hosting a show, or being a serial guest on podcasts, may be something you want to consider (or something you want to run away from).

Thom requests your listen to Episode 344 of his podcast, “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do”, in preparation for this meeting. In this episode he interviews our April speaker, Jessica Pettitt, about her experiences having been a guest on 100 podcasts. This episode will help you understand one of the ways Thom utilizes his podcast to connect with people, and also expose you to important tips for being a podcast host and / or being a podcast guest. You can find his show on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, Spotify by searching “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” or you can access it on his website at


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Thom Singer has an eclectic background working in sales, marketing and business development roles for Fortune 500 Companies, Law Firms, and entrepreneurial ventures. He is a business growth speaker whose work gets people to build influence, unlock potential, and drive performance.

He believes that all opportunities come from people, and when we work together to find “cooperative significance” with others we all discover more success and illuminate their possibilities.

Singer is the author of twelve books and he speaks regularly at business and association conferences around the United States and beyond. He is also the host of the widely popular “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast. On this show he interviews entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and business leaders from a variety of industries. He encourages his guests to share tips and ideas that can help those with an “entrepreneurial spirit” understand their potential and then go for it.

Thom and his wife, Sara, make their home in Austin, Texas and are the parents of two highly spirited daughters.