May 7, 2019 - 9:15 am

Austin, TX

Many entrepreneurs and executives have a powerful message to share, but often struggle to become the go-to thought leader in their category. That’s because it takes more than time, effort and the latest marketing tactics to attract more speeches and consistently grow your impact and income.

In this session you’ll learn how the stages of thought leadership and the different business models can either accelerate or sabotage your success – regardless of where you are in your career. As a result, you’ll understand how to develop a unique blueprint to grow YOUR business and platform year after year.


  • Why business models matter – and how to identify your specific type
  • How your stage as a thought leader impacts where, when and how you apply your marketing strategies
  • Understand how to align the 10 elements of your Thought Leader Platform – so they are working for you instead of against you

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Elizabeth Marshall is a strategist who helps authors and speakers become recognized thought leaders. For the past 14 years, she worked with many influential thought leaders including Seth Godin, Michael Port, and former Starbucks President, Howard Behar. She has advised both individuals and groups at every stage and level, including co-founding and delivering Book Breakthrough, a successful industry event – three years in a row.

As a published author, she co-wrote The Contrarian Effect with New York Times best-selling author, Michael Port, which won awards from 1-800-CEO READ and Amazon’s editorial board.

As a speaker, she’s delivered keynotes and moderated panels at several industry events, including Heroic Public Speaking Live, BookBaby’s Independent Author Conference and the Greenleaf Book Group Author Summit.