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In an era of short attention spans but long memories, how do you stand out and stay relevant as a speaker and a leader? Hint: it isn’t the latest marketing tactic. You stand out by starting at the root: your heart. This presentation challenges 20th century thinking that branding is about managing external perceptions and promotion. Instead, you will learn that growing a modern professional brand starts with tapping into your authentic self to express a compelling message, develop high-value intellectual property and create a vibrant presence in the world.

Join us to learn:

  • The 3 “natural forces” shaping how you are perceived as a thought-leader
  • The passion + expertise + value formula for building a professional brand
  • A unique tool to identify and attract the right audience us

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Justin Foster (@fosterthinking): Based in Austin, Texas, Justin Foster believes that nothing matters until you know your heart. And that when you know your heart, it changes how you live, lead and brand. Along a journey that started on a cattle ranch in eastern Oregon to 49 states and 6 countries, Justin has worked with leaders of every sector and industry to help them create vibrant, relevant, heart-based brands. Co-founder of the branding firm root + river, Justin is a relentless and optimistic advocate for unleashing the power of truth and authenticity – and the systematic elimination of all that is boring and stale in organizations.

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