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Blaming PowerPoint for boring slides is like blaming the paintbrush for a lousy painting. Mike Robertson is a nationally-known expert in creating amazing, magical slides for his own presentations and he wants to share his secrets with NSA-Austin. This idea-packed workshop will give you dozens of ways to transform your own slides into works of art that will delight your audiences and help them retain your information much longer.

Mike incorporates his eclectic background in graphic design, magic, and music to make slides like you’ve never seen before. When he shared a short version of this workshop at the NSA convention in San Diego in 2014 (only his second year in NSA), he instantly went from being an unknown to a sought-after thought leader in the field. The following year, he was given a three-hour slot at the D.C. convention and a session at the NSA Tech Lab last November.

These appearances have gained the attention of many noted speakers and Mike has since designed slides for luminaries like NSA president Ruby Newell-Legner, entertainer extraordinaire Jason Hewlett, CSP Rita Craig, and many others. Patricia Fripp told him, “You are a rock star! I had no idea you could do those things with slides.”

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Mike lives in Austin with his wife, Lisa, a videographer. They have one daughter, Lindsey, a writer and performer in Los Angeles.

Mike’s signature speech, The Art of Readiness, illustrates his creativity and the benefits of approaching life as a work of art. He has written four books, is an accomplished musician, and once was the world’s foremost authority on PEZ dispensers. Yep, that’s true.

Don’t miss No Power & No Point: Why Your Slides Suck & How To Make ‘em Soar. If you use slides, you’ll be blown away by how many great ideas you’ll get. And if you’ve never thought slides were necessary for your speech, you’ll be amazed at the possibilities. You’ve never seen slides like this before.