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So what’s Pitch Fest and why should you be there?
Pitch Fest is a unique opportunity to discover strategies and skills for successfully promoting and selling your services as a professional speaker, expert or consultant. You learn by seeing your peers go through the process of “pitching” and receiving expert feedback.

Here’s how it works:
Ann Fry, Patti DeNucci, and Thom Singer will give their best pitch and will then receive feedback, constructive criticism and suggestions from our expert panel (consisting of Mike Robertson, Tom Britton, and Sondra Ulin). We will then open the program to anyone who would like to give a “mini-pitch” and gather feedback and ideas. The session will conclude with table discussion, so you can get direct feedback on your pitch.

So what’s in a winning pitch?

  • A clear and compelling description of your platform as a speaker or expert
  • A brief but descriptive overview of your signature speech
  • A summary of your value offering as a professional, including how you are different from other experts in your field
  • A clear demonstration of your competence, your content and your style

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