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The advent of mass media silenced a 15,000-year-old marketing strategy when technology became the driving factor of marketing. It survived near extinction through literature, oral histories, and entertainment.

Storytelling is thousands of years old, and is the most comprehensive form of engagement that cultivates relationships, encourages behavior and incites action – which is the very purpose of marketing.

Don Osmond explores the neuroscience of storytelling. And, why brands must develop a compelling narrative in order to encourage brand loyalty, secure revenues, and establish a competitive ad-vantage in their industry.

Join us and learn:

  • How to apply the core principles from neuroscience and behavioral psychology to increase effec-tive marketing
  • Why you should put storytelling at the center of your marketing strategy
  • How storytelling encourages the customer experience

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Don Osmond, known as the ‘Donfather’ of authentic marketing and communications, has a track record of helping businesses avoid the unforgiving creative overspend trap for more than 10 years. His approach to marketing strategy has saved his clients millions of dollars in potential marketing disasters. His perspective on what makes marketing effective stems from a lifetime enveloped by media.

As a public speaker, he as presented his guiding philosophies to thousands, waving the banner of au-thenticity. In 2009, he founded OzComm Marketing, which works to assist B2B tech-enabled companies develop sound authentic marketing strategies. Don and his wife, Jessi, reside in central Texas with their two sons. Their mission in life is to make a positive contribution to the lives of others; in this they find success and happiness.


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