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Business has shifted massively for infopreneurs like you in the last ten years. Those of us who’ve stayed (or jumped into) the game are reinvention ninjas: innovating and flexing in a constantly-changing marketplace.
The secret sauce of growing a business like ours is smart hustle: making the right connections and moves, and implementing the right strategies, aligned with goals that will propel your business forward and create momentum. There are proven patterns of success, and you can create your own road map that’s uniquely tailored to your niche or industry. This map will effectively support you in getting the visibility you need to dominate your market and grow your income.

In this workshop, we’ll explore how to:

  • Map your marketing game-plan
  • Get “unstuck” from the confusing marketing labyrinth
  • Determine if social strategies are right for your business
  • Build a business engine that turns your marketing efforts into profitable opportunities

Take a hands-on approach to evaluating your business and its assets. And leverage a
powerful, proven framework to help you work smarter and to push your business to a
whole new level!

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Misty is an expert in marketing strategy and execution. Her career began in artist management and marketing before she founded MarketectU.com in 2004. Her clients include bestselling authors, nationally-known speakers and a plethora of experts who package their expertise as speeches, books, training and coaching programs, tv/radio guests, and more.

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