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Have you ever wondered about some of the ‘stuff’ you say in your presentations? Such as, “Do I know where that information came from or am I just putting my spin on something I heard before? Is there a factual basis for what I share? Do I sometimes say things because they sound good (and sometimes, even sexy)?”

Nowadays, it is pretty easy to fact-check your ‘material’ so it behooves you to make sure that what you say is ‘Google-Proof.’ But, as you also know, Google is not the definitive authority on what is true and what isn’t! So what can you do?

As the field of speaking continues to mature as a profession, it is necessary that we, as professional speakers, ensure that what we are sharing and telling our audiences is grounded in truth. It can be your truth (based on your experiences) and/or it can be supported by research (based on actual experiments). Both ways work, but we need to be careful when we cross the line from ‘experiential’ to ‘experimental’ while presenting.

So come join us as we explore some of the speaking content myths that are out there and examine some methods to ‘Google-Proof’ your content.

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Dr. John B. Molidor, CSP, comes to us from the Great State of Michigan, where he is the 2016-2017 President for the National Speakers Association. When he’s not trying to figure out the universe, he can be found at Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine, where he is a Professor of Psychiatry and a Regional Community Campus Dean. John loves presenting about how the brain works, how the brain influences our audiences, and how to bust some of our speaking myths. He is excited to be presenting to his NSA colleagues and is looking forward to having some fun with his new Chapter friends!

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