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Brace yourself! Your life is about to leap forward! How to set bigger goals and achieve them faster! Discover the three surprising secrets of using your mind to accomplish anything you can imagine – with ease, speed and playfulness. Find out if there are any limits in life – and what to do about any you see. Prepare to make 2018 the greatest year of your life with the help of passion — and fire!

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Dr. Joe Vitale — once homeless but now a motivating inspirator known to his millions of fans as “Mr. Fire!” — is the globally famous author of numerous bestselling books, such as The Attractor Factor, Zero Limits, The Secret Prayer, Attract Money Now, The Miracle, and The Awakened Millionaire. He is a star in the blockbuster movie The Secret, as well as a dozen other films. He has recorded many bestselling audio programs, from The Missing Secret to The Zero Point. He’s also the world’s first self -help singer-songwriter, as seen in Rolling Stone magazine. He’s also a strongman, an actor, and a magician. He created Miracles Coaching®, The Awakening Course, The Secret Mirror, Hypnotic Writing, The Gullwing Mastermind, The Awakened Millionaire Academy, etc. He’s been a member of NSA over 10 years.