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You Can’t Be Center Stage Without The Right Systems!

NSA National President Ruby Newell-Legner is coming to OUR CHAPTER to share her wisdom on how she rose to national prominence, and how you can, too. You may have what it takes to shine in the spotlight, but without these systems, you’ll have a hard time ever getting there.

Ruby will show us how to:

  • Get hired without having to cold call
  • Create strategies for becoming every meeting planner’s hero
  • Get glowing referrals and testimonials every single time
  • Plant subliminal seed in our presentations that has audiences wanting to hire us over and over again

Austin has never had a visit from the NSA National President, and we’re so excited to be able to offer you the opportunity to shake hands with her AND learn from her! Join us and learn these proven systems for building a business that has you center stage.with

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As a “Fan Experience” expert in sports, leisure and entertainment, Ruby Newell-Legner’s clients include 28 professional sports teams. She trained the staff for Super Bowl 41, the 2008 US Open and the 2010 Olympics.

Ruby will represent the National Speakers Association as President 2015-2016.

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