The Austin chapter of the National Speakers Association is the premier local destination for professional speakers who strive to grow through comprehensive continuing education, informal mentoring and professional connections. We look forward to welcoming you to NSA Austin.


To make NSA Austin the go-to organization for professional speakers — as well as one of the most respected and dynamic professional organizations in Central Texas.


  1. To encourage connections, sharing, learning, and professional growth in our membership.
  2. To continue to attract and retain a diverse list of high level members who are truly interested in speaking as a profession (or offering support services for professional speakers).
  3. To expand our reputation for producing well-attended, high quality programs and gatherings.
  4. To build up our treasury through sponsorships, fundraisers, memberships, and other means.
  5. To build a solid leadership succession stream.

NSA Austin’s history, short as it may be, is a great example of what happens when talent, energy, enthusiasm, and hard work converge to fill a need and manifest a shared vision.

Speakers who have presented have included Sam Horn, David Newman, Jill Griffin, Patrick Henry, Neen James, Vickie Sullivan, Dave Lieber and many others.

We have even more excellent programming in store. We encourage you to get to know NSA Austin and see if this is a good fit for you as you continue, or embark on, your own professional speaking journey.