Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held at:

Norris Conference Center
2525 West Anderson Lane, Suite 365
Austin, TX 78757
(512) 451-5011


A refund will be processed if requested at least five days before the date of the event (example: by Friday, 11:30 AM CT for a Tuesday event that begins at 11:30 AM CT). After that period, no refund will be given. A refund request must be emailed to Any refund will be given in full, minus a 5% fee to cover card processing and administrative costs. This refund policy also applies to duplicate and/or mistaken purchases. No refunds are given on membership fees, sponsorship fees, or special bundle offers.


The chapter does not issue credits. In the event that you cannot attend the event for which you’ve purchased a ticket, and you miss the refund deadline, you may send someone in your place. If you’d like your “substitute” to have a printed name tag, please notify the chapter’s administrative manager by email ( at least 24 hours prior to the event.

“I would like to speak professionally; will NSA Austin teach me how to get paid to speak?”

NSA Austin will help you learn how to expand your opportunities and manage the profession of speaking. Some of our programs each year do address marketing.

“What is a Professional Membership in NSA Austin?”

To become a Professional member of NSA Austin, you must also be a member of National NSA. There are minimum requirements for National membership that are detailed here:

We strongly encourage those who are eligible to join National NSA since there are certain benefits, both on the National and chapter level, which can be quite valuable.

NSA Austin welcomes all attendees to its meetings as guests. Many who are not yet eligible to become Professional members find that attending local meetings and presentations help them become more competitive and fine-tune their current or future business model as a speaker

“Do I have to be a national NSA member to join NSA Austin?”

No, NSA Austin will accept Affiliates into our chapter, although we do encourage all of our members to become NSA National members.

“What is an Affiliate? ”

The Affiliate is for aspiring speakers who have not yet qualified for full NSA national membership. Affiliates receive the same benefits as other chapter members, although Affiliates are not allowed to use the NSA logo. Affiliates are not NSA national members.

“What are the benefits of joining NSA Austin?”

Ask any NSA Austin member! Fantastic educational opportunities, networking and relationship building at the local level are of monumental importance when building a successful speaking business. Membership will help you learn how to grow your business, give you a platform to discuss issues that impact your business and help you to create affiliations with associations and other organizations that will help you expand even more.  Click for a list of member benefits.

“I’m an NSA member, doesn’t that mean I already belong to the local chapter?

NSA national members are NOT automatically placed into a chapter, rather the member needs to join the local chapter separately.

What is the main benefit from joining the local chapter?
As with your national membership, the group is charged with providing education and community to help speakers develop their craft and build a successful practice. High-value, content-rich meetings are designed to attract speakers of all experience levels in an environment of sharing, networking and support toward individual efforts. Developing local, special relationships with those who face similar business and professional challenges can make all the difference in your career.

“Can’t I just come to meetings? ”

Yes, members and guests are welcome to register for meetings; although local members receive preferential pricing. Members also receive preference for special events

“How do I make a recommendation for a future program or speaker?

We welcome member suggestions for speakers and future programs. The Programs Committee is responsible for scheduling. Please contact us at with specific recommendations and input.

“Are You a Speakers Bureau? Will You Get Me Speaking Engagements?”

We are not a speaker’s bureau, and, we don’t market speakers or get them speaking engagements. However, with your involvement in the organization, you will meet others who could possibly recommend you for a speaking engagement. In addition, we actively promote our web site and online directory to meeting professionals, association executives and the media.

“I do a lot of public speaking or workshops or seminars as a part of my work but I don’t define myself as a speaker. Is NSA Austin for me?”

You would be in good company. Most speakers start with some sort of expertise but realize that their professionalism requires continued attention to their presentation styles and changing business models.

“I am a very experienced speaker; will I find myself surrounded by people just starting out? OR I am a very inexperienced speaker; will I find myself over my head?”

There is a mixed group of attendees at every meeting — some very well known, accomplished, long time speakers and others who are new in their professional speaking career. The content of each meeting is geared toward professionals but most of our presenters are quite accomplished in modeling how to address multiple experience levels at one time. There is also ample networking time built into each meeting.